Welcome to The Purple Milk Blog

I grew up a devoted reader of Calvin and Hobbes comics, so it seems fitting that this blog’s title should come from a Bill Watterson one liner delivered by precocious Calvin: “I won’t eat any cereal that doesn’t turn the milk purple.”

Thinking about purple milk conjures up images of artificial coloring and sweeteners and all kinds of nasty food additives I really know better than to eat now. But in all honesty, I never outgrew many of my childhood food preferences. As I near 30 years old I am still a pretty picky eater, often preferring options on the kids menu to the elaborate offerings for adults. The last several years have been a journey into finding simple, tasty foods I could enjoy while attending to nutritional needs for myself and my husband.

Thus this blog was born! I will share my recipes, my struggles, my random thoughts, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride (or at the very least, the food).

Welcome to The Purple Milk Blog!

A little about me: I’m a 27 year old Phoenix transplant (originally from the San Francisco Bay Area) living with my husband and our 8 year old Wheaton Terrier, Gracie. My husband and I consider ourselves “Modern Orthodox” Jews, and we observe the laws of kashrut, which apply to the foods we eat and how we prepare them. We are both active and adventurous, but not fitness nuts to any extent. I love art and sports and am an overachieving, high strung, Type-A workaholic who was lucky enough to marry a laid back, even-keeled superhero.




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